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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass

April 21, 2016 3


Urban Jungle Bloggers, plant styling, plants, plants and glass, glass vessels, houseplants

If I look around in my apartment, most of my plants are in terra-cotta pots or other ceramic planters. Glass vessels are rare. That was one of the reasons to declare April the month of ‘Plants & Glass’ for our Urban Jungle Bloggers community.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

October 8, 2015 5


urbanjunglebloggers, plants, flowers, plants and flowers, green decor, houseplants, indoor plants, floral

With every new month and new Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I make an illusional plan ahead. This month I will take my time, this time I will prepare everything well in advance, this time I even thought of getting a really nice flower bouquet from a florist for the styling.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Offer A Plant To A Friend

April 30, 2015 1


Be it a birthday, a housewarming party, a wedding or a simple dinner invitation. But why not consider plants for your next invitation? Offer a plant to a dear person as a toke of your long lasting friendship. It will be a lovely and lasting reminder of a special moment and special person.

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