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5 Happy Inspirations: Mid-Week Cravings

21 August 2013 0


Let me start today’s blogpost with this little real life and real-time story: I was about to throw my Macbook out of the window. After two years of intense blogging and loads of pictures, Photoshop files etc., it is slowly giving up.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

11 February 2013 0


Do we share the same weird experience? I refer to that feeling when we enter a home or a single room for the first time and we get hooked by a few salient interior design details and can’t help but admire them repeatedly (and sometimes ask the host or owner about the origins, the inspiration, the source etc.).…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Kilim Mania

23 October 2012 0


I am suffering – of that interior decoration frenzy called ‘kilim mania’. I feel like buying a vintage kilim rug and adding some more kilim cushions to the cutie I already own – see it here. So I was browsing some of my favorite sources for kilim goodies and here are five hotties I am flirting with these days.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Little Treasures

4 September 2012 0


Reinterpreting our homes is a sort of catharsis. Some kind of rebirth. Yes, a ‘decor renaissance’. We change, accentuate, de-clutter, add details – and all of this is a visualization of our inner feelings. Ok, you might roll your eyes now and think ‘why this psycho-crap’?…

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5 Happy Inspirations: For Your Home

13 June 2012 0


Now, every Wednesday I pretend to be inspired by five goodies. Truth be told: During a week I get inspired by dozens and dozens of beautiful goodies for your home, interior design ideas, product designs, food and more. Yes, Pinterest is one of the main to be blamed!…

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