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Home away from home in Moscow

August 12, 2019 1


interior, interior design, interior styling, decorating rented spaces, Moscow apartment, Russian design, Ikea, Bemz, Scandinavian style, Scandinavian interiors

Like a mantra I keep repeating that the home is one of the crucial keys to our happiness. Coming back to a home that speaks to you, that tells your story and that makes you ‘feel at home’ is something we should all strive for.…

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Minimalistic Tabletop Styling

July 29, 2019 5


tabletop styling, tabletop, Georg Jensen, Arne Jacobsen, Scandinavian design, Russian design, minimalistic, natural, Krapiva Krapiva, Fragile Things ceramics, ceramics

What comes to your mind when you think of tabletop styling and simplicity? A reduced, minimalistic approach? Quality over quantity? Timeless design? Well, let’s say I had more or less the same ideas in my head when I set a very simple table in Moscow recently.…

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