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Why This Room Caught My Eye

16 July 2013 0


Temperatures are up again in Munich and my rooftop studio is boiling. The fan runs in infinity loop and I feel the need to shower three times a day. Speaking of showers – I’ve neglected the important private spa for too long here on the blog.…

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Style It Up: Bathroom Idea

22 August 2012 0


When I get up, it’s the first room I enter. Before I go to sleep, it’s the last room I leave. The bathroom. Interior design and decoration doesn’t stop in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. A beautifully styled bathroom is actually a must: it pays aesthetic tribute to the bathroom’s purpose – perpetuating personal hygiene, beauty, and aesthetics.  The picture above got me swooning over a black and white schedule for a sleek and stylish bathroom.…

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