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Spanish Design: Expormim

5 September 2015 5


Expormim, wicker, rattan, furniture, Spanish design, SunnyDesign

Here comes some ‘Igor trivia’: I love the Golden Girls (but who doesn’t, right Gerard?). And I keep rewatching them and every time I watch them again I discover new fun interior design details. Have you noticed that the iconic Golden Girls interior style is pretty trendy right now?…

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Spanish Design: Cosentino

3 September 2015 4


Cosentino, Spanish Design, SunnyDesign, Sunny Design, Sunny Design Days, Dekton, Twilight collection

During my trip to Madrid I had the opportunity to meet yet another Spanish design brand – Cosentino. Now do not wonder if you haven’t heard of Cosentino as well – for me it was the same situation. However, some of you might have heard or might even know Cosentino a bit better, especially those among you who have worked on a kitchen project, who have worked on a housing project or bathroom design.…

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Spanish Design: Gandia Blasco

28 August 2015 3


Spanish design, SunnyDesign, Sunny Design, Gandia Blasco, outdoor furniture, home textiles, rugs, Mediterranean design

  Spain beyond paella, fans and sangria was the mission of our design bloggers tour in this south-european country. Truth be told, we ate at least six different paellas and cooled ourselves with fans all the time – I think sangria was the only thing we didn’t taste in Spain.…

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The Perfect Garden Party

21 August 2015 6


garden party, summer garden party, LZF Lamps, alfresco dining, outdoor lighting, garden

In summer there is nothing better than a good alfresco party – on the beach, on your rooftop terrace or in a garden. And during my trip to Spain I was very lucky to be invited to one of those summer garden parties – probably the epitome of a perfect garden party!…

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Spanish Design: LZF Lamps

19 August 2015 4


SunnyDesign, Spanish Design, LZF Lamps, Lighting

There is one thing I always preach when it comes to interior styling: let your personality guide you when styling your home. Make it as personal as possible and let your visitors discover your character by walking through your interiors. When I visited the studio of Valencia based design label LZF Lamps – which happens to be their home too – I felt like this is exactly what the owners Marivi and Sandro.…

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