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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Stilherz

3 September 2014 0


Let’s be honest. Summer is over and we are stepping into autumn. It’s September and here the weather has really turned into a mild autumn atmosphere. Traditionally, we tend to reconsider our interior styling and decoration with the change of seasons.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

20 August 2014 0


Hello my dear readers! I am back from a full week of family vacations that I had spent completely offline – yes indeed, not a single day online! I am pretty amazed I managed to get through the entire week and at some point I thought about how life must have been before the industrial revolution and all the modern inventions that followed the subsequent decades.…

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Bed & Breakfast…And A Good Book

16 May 2014 0


The weekend is just ahead of us and it’s been now a week that I am back home. No matter how good and great the vacations are, there is no feeling like coming back home. No hotel, no airbnb, no bed & breakfast can replace the own home and the own bed.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Westwing

23 April 2014 0


Today I want to share my latest acquisitions with you: An incredibly soft blanket with soft yellow and grey triangles, an industrial stool and a glass cloche with ceramic base. I found all these goodies on Westwing, a shopping club that some of you might know already.…

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New Community For Design Aficionados – Woont

15 November 2013 0


Once I heard that the essence of blogging is sharing. Ideas, inspiration, emotions, pictures, words – we create a community by blogging what really interests and fascinates us. But in the world wide web we get to know the true promise of online communities for every interest or taste.…

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