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Why This Room Caught My Eye

26 February 2013 0


Yesterday, while I was on Twitter I got into a little conversation with one of my blogger friends, an Australian who lives in Paris and designs jewelry. Olivia told me about the book ‘Gypset Travel’ by Julia Chaplin (which is now on my wish list) and this got me daydreaming of bohemian style interiors, lush and rich with textures, patterns and colours.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

22 January 2013 0


Tuesday candy for our interior design loving eyes – that’s the purpose of my Tuesday series ‘Why This Room Caught My Eye’. I was going through the various issues of my favorite Australian e-mag Est Magazine and got hooked by this dining nook.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

3 December 2012 0


Sometimes I am having a hard time to nail down three things that caught my eye in a particular room. Just like today. I mean seriously, is there anything that doesn’t catch your eye in this happy bedroom? It just takes a few tweaks to design an amazing bedroom.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

14 July 2012 0


I am a pretty indecisive nature. I like to go out. I like to stay in. I like colours. I like monochrome. I like coffee. I like tea. Sigh.  That blend of tastes and likes defines my aesthetics. I tend to try different styles and combinations and sometimes I discover something new and unexpected that works.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: My Five Latest Pins

3 July 2012 0


Once again I got hooked up by Pinterest. I’ve pinned my way along and while looking over my latest pins I realized how lovely they matched each other. I love the way our pins reveal our taste and style. Our Pinterest boards become a visual portfolio of our aesthetics – you can see whether a fellow pinner is a graphic type of person, a rustic fellow, a romantic pal, a colourful friend or a monochromatic connoisseur.…

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