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Styling Idea: Kitchen Towel Art

11 July 2016 4


Citta Design, New Zealand, New Zealand design, interior styling, styling tip, styling idea, living room, bohemian, boho style

It’s been now almost 4 months since my trip to New Zealand and some of my souvenirs come only now into action. During my Auckland trip I went to one of New Zealand’s great interior brands, Citta Design, and I couldn’t help but shop and bring some souvenirs of Kiwi design to my own home.…

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Interior Styling Idea: My New Magazine Rack

3 April 2013 0


Here is a little funny story: About a year ago I spotted a fabulous magazine rack that I fell in love instantly. I ordered it HERE and a few days later it arrived here in Munich. Ever since it was tucked away in that spooky corner behind my closet where all those scary things like a vacuum cleaner are hidden.…

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