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Happily Ever After: Stylist Sania Pell

1 March 2012 0


Every Friday, I love to feature a talented stylist, a gifted photographer or remarkable brand. Today I’ve picked one amazingly talented lady that is widely known in the creative scene: London based stylist, designer, book author and blogger Sania Pell. And just for the record: she is also a mum of two kids (seriously, I don’t know how she does it all). …

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Happily Ever After: Stylist Sasa Antic

2 February 2012 0


For my Friday series ‘Happily Ever After’ I love to feature the work of amazing interior stylists, photographers or designers. Today, I’ve picked the Sweden based stylist Sasa Antic (pronounce Sasha Antich). I happened to stumble over his work a year and something ago while researching the web on interior design.…

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Happily Ever After: Stylist Myrica Bergqvist

19 January 2012 0


Today I’m featuring another great stylist on Happy Interior Blog: The Swedish stylist and furniture designer Myrica Bergqvist. When I spotted her work, I knew immediately that this must go on the blog sooner or later. I love her eye for details in interiors, the open and unconventional approach to colours, and the quirky and sometimes almost odd touch to her styling.…

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Book Review: My Heart Wanders

2 January 2012 0


Yesterday, while taking the train from Austria back to Munich, I finished reading one of the most wonderful books I’ve recently got between my fingers: ‘My Heart Wanders’ by Pia Jane Bijkerk. A book that truly touched my heart and that seemed so familiar and honest, I almost had the feeling I knew well all the words that unfolded before my eyes.…

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Stylist Bliss: Louise Rastall

26 October 2011 0


Today I want to present the work of interior stylist Louise Rastall. When I stumbled upon her website I sort of had this kind of blogger feeling that I need to put this down in a little blog post – and here I am.…

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