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Summer Blogging Tips: Beat the Heat!

11 July 2015 4


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Seriously, I love summer, I love warm temperatures, but when I am in town and working I am not a big fan of 30+ degrees Celsius. It gets hot, I am boiling in my clothes when going to work, I am sweating in the metro (where all the old people complain if anyone dares to crack open a window), I am shutting all blinds in the office, and then one more sweat round in the public transport to get home.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: A Summer Home Story

19 February 2013 0


Today’s five happy inspirations are the ingredients of a little interior styling fairy tale told by – well, myself. It is a story without a theatrical pretense, without surplus phrases or literary embellishments. It is a plain story of visual stimuli that generate a quick idea of a happy home.…

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Summer In The Kitchen

18 June 2012 0


With the rising temperatures outside I am getting all into the summer mood. Now the best thing with interior design and decoration is that you can recreate your home according to your mood or season. So why not season up your kitchen with a few summer details – depending on the budget this can go from big to small.…

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