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Discovering Valencia in Spain

17 August 2015 5


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When you travel on a design mission, little time is left for impromptu city discoveries. That was the case during our design bloggers tour to Spain as well. However, since it was my very first time in the city of Valencia in Spain, I could not let this opportunity pass without a quick stroll through the city center.…

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Spanish Design: Mediterranean Twist By Actiu

13 August 2015 5


Actiu, Spanish Design, Sunny Design, SunnyDesign, Home Office, Furniture

Have you ever been to Valencia in Spain? Well I went there for the very first time a few weeks ago and before I even set foot on the city’s streets I found myself in the design studio of Cosín, a partner of Alicante based furniture maker Actiu, who was one of the host brands during our Spanish design bloggers tour ‘Sunny Design Days’.…

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Spanish Design: Nanimarquina Rugs

11 August 2015 7


Nanimarquina, rugs, Spanish Design, Sunny Design, Handmade rugs

In Munich I live one block away from one of the best interior design stores in town with design furniture and home accessories from around the world. A few days ago I passed along the tempting window display and spotted a beautiful handmade piece for the home – one that I had already met.…

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Spanish Design: Delica

5 August 2015 6


Delica, Spanish Design, trays, Sunny Design, Wooden Accessories, Homeware, Kitchenware

It was a balmy summer evening in Barcelona. Seven international design bloggers were buzzing around in the beautiful Casa Yök and showered, updated Instagram, listened to music, had a coffee. And then it was time to go upstairs – to the amazing rooftop terrace where we were invited to enjoy a delicious dinner with Delica, a wonderful and sleek Spanish design brand from the northern region of Navarra in Spain.…

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