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Travel Tips for Skåne in South Sweden

16 June 2022 21


Skåne, Visit Skåne, Sweden, Malmö, Travel Tips Skåne, Travel Tips Malmö

A few weeks ago I embarked on a wonderful trip to Skåne, the southern tip of Sweden, following an invitation from the local tourism board Visit Skåne. I was excited because the only thing I knew about Skåne so far was its biggest city: Malmö.…

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From Place To Space: Asplund In Stockholm

10 March 2014 1


I assume I have stretched your patience to the max with my Scandinavian posts, haven’t I? Well, you must forgive me for one more – promised last – time. During my design bloggers tour at the Stockholm Design Week I had the pleasure to discover one more fantastic Swedish interiors brand that I didn’t know up to then – much to my shame I have to say!…

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5 Happy Inspirations: From Sweden – Part 2

3 April 2012 0


As promised last Wednesday, today’s ‘5 Happy Inspirations’ are the second part of my little loot from my trip to Stockholm. Yesterday’s black and white inspired ‘Craving’ post has come as a sort of intro to these goodies. I was drawn to the sleek look of monochrome Scandinavian ceramics in particular.…

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