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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

21 May 2014 0


I’ll tell you a little TV Story today. Now as someone who likes interior design and styling and someone who also shoots his apartment, I always find it terribly difficult to photograph the corner  with my TV. Maybe I just don’t have a fancy TV.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

4 December 2013 0


Yesterday I was searching for a little Christmas décor item from last year in my apartment for a little vignette for the upcoming Urban Jungle Bloggers post. Can you believe it that even in a tiny 32 square meters apartment you can be searching for a décor object like for an hour?…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Summer Treats

7 August 2013 0


With high temperatures in most parts of Europe it is due time to mark this hot Wednesday with five selected summer treats to bring in a visual freshness into our homes and gardens. I mean seriously, I can not concentrate at work in the office, I can not sit around in my hot rooftop apartment, even sitting outside under the sun seems a torture in the boiling city.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: New Essentials!

26 June 2013 0


This week I am inspired by the airiness of minimalistic homes, the timelessness of natural materials, the quality of good design. I’ve browsed the net for five products that encompass those inspirations and here is a little selection of what I’ve come up with.…

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People, Food, Styling: The Ingredients Of A Happy Home

14 June 2013 0


Last Friday I took you along to an enchanting dinner at the home of Copenhagen based stylist Nathalie Schwer. It was part of our design blogger tour for DesignTrade and hosted by Nathalie, Broste Copenhagen, Le Creuset and Simply Chocolate and put in magic photography by the impeccable Line Thit Klein.…

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