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5 Happy Inspirations: Fresh Into May!

1 May 2013 0


Here we are, May 1st. A new month, a new board of happy inspirations for even happier homes. A chair, a cushion, a bowl, some cups and a cheerful illustration – that already makes a pretty happy home! Whenever you acquire a new thing for your home, always ask the one and only relevant question: Does it make you happy?…

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For Your Next Party: Pantone Mood Food Set

31 January 2013 0


One day I got home from a weekend abroad and I found a little package in front of my door. Being an diehard online shopper, I immediately tried to remember what I’ve ordered. When I opened the package I realized it was something else – it was a beautiful set of melamine food trays by Pantone that was sent to me from Room Copenhagen.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Der Kleine Bazar

23 January 2013 0


Today I would like to introduce a little German shop (in the little south German town of Augsburg) and webshop to you. ‘Der Kleine Bazar‘, literally ‘The Little Bazaar’, offers charming home accessories, little furniture pieces, lighting and textiles from the Middle East and Northern Africa.…

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Happily Ever After: Donna Wilson

10 January 2013 0


I am a firm believer that home accessories can contribute to our happiness. Let me give you a descriptive example: I am a jolly good fellow. Almost all the time. But not in the early morning. I am just no morning person (as much as I would like to change it).…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

12 October 2012 0


One of my various problems with homeware, home accessories, decoration etc. are cups and mugs. I have too many and I keep on buying new ones. I can’t help it – guilty as charged! I love my coffee in the morning and during the day, and I adore my tea in the evening.…

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