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Hotel Tip: Praktik Metropol in Madrid, Spain

24 August 2015 5


Praktik Metropol, Hotel Tip, Madrid Hotel, Where to stay in Madrid, green hotel, travel tips Madrid

There are many ways of traveling. Lately I have experienced a way of traveling that I am not too fond of as it is comprised of very short stays and work projects. Thus it is not the way of recreational traveling but has more a touch of a business trip.…

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Spanish Design: Casa Gracia in Barcelona

20 July 2015 6


Spanish Design Week, Barcelona, Hostel Tip, Casa Gracia

If you followed me along on Instagram, you will know that I spent the last week roaming half of Spain with the mission to discover the best of Spanish design. This amazing design bloggers tour was named ‘Sunny Design Days’ and it was more than appropriate: We had not only sunny weather but a real heat wave that accompanied us from Barcelona via Valencia to Madrid.…

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From Place To Space: Morning In The 20th Arrondissement In Paris

6 January 2014 1


Hello my dear readers! I am back after a wonderful time in Paris and brought back loads of pictures of the ever inspiring City of Lights. Many of you know that I am a frequent traveler to Paris and no matter how often I travel to Paris I am always enchanted by the fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower, the magic of Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre and the timeless beauty of the Louvre.…

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Shop Love: Homewerx In Vancouver

31 October 2013 0


Travel memories linger on for a long while. At least they do with me. And some very peculiar travel memories are my numerous visits to inspiring home décor and interior design shops around the globe. Last month I spent a few days in the Canadian city of Vancouver – you can read my blog post here.…

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