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New Zealand Tip: Coromandel Peninsula

28 April 2016 5


New Zealand, travel blog, Coromandel, Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove, travel tips

When you travel from Europe to New Zealand you figure like four weeks is a minimum I should plan. I spent four weeks in New Zealand and I must admit I could have easily spent two more to fully embrace and enjoy the countless beauties of this far away country.…

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Ice Cream, Honey, Surfing: Waiheke Island

30 March 2016 3


Waiheke Island, New Zealand, travel tips, travel blog

Spring has only just sprung here in Germany, but a few weeks ago I was enjoying full-force summer in New Zealand. One of my stops during my 4-weeks road trip was Waiheke Island in the Hauraki gulf. Truth be told, Waiheke Island had only been added to my itinerary after my New Zealand based friend and blogger Mel of Styled Canvas told me about their fantastic family trip to the island.…

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One Day in the Bay of Islands

12 March 2016 4


New Zealand, Russell, Bay of Islands, travel tips, travel blog

I have taken you to Auckland and some of my favorite addresses in New Zealand’s biggest city and now it is time to move out from the urban surroundings and discover a bit of what New Zealand is certainly most known for – its lush and beautiful nature.…

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Vineyards & Flowers: Visiting Saint-Émilion

30 November 2015 3


Visiting Saint-Émilion, Saint-Émilion, wine village, France, travel tips, travel blog

The year 2015 is nearly over and with all the recent events on our planet it feels like it was not a very good one for humanity. However, this year was also filled with personal moments of happiness and joy, wonderful new discoveries, many trips and moments of peace and beauty.…

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Amsterdam Getaway Tips

23 November 2015 5


Amsterdam, Travel Tips, Weekend Tips Amsterdam, Travel Blog, Cool Amsterdam Cafés, Cool Amsterdam Shops

Amsterdam is a city that surprised me when I visited for the first time a few years ago. I have never had a certain desire to go and visit the Dutch city, but once I went there I sort of fell in love with Amsterdam.…

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