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Urban Jungle Bloggers: A Community Garden In Vancouver

10 October 2013 0


For the second post of our monthly ‘Urban Jungle Bloggers’ series we chose the topic of green neighbourhoods. Since a real urban gardener loves interior gardens as much as exterior ones, we opted for this topic. Moreover, the various posts written by all participating bloggers such as Judith or Jocelyn will show us the variety of green spaces in urban areas. …

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Create Green Spaces

3 September 2013 0


The expression green with envy must have been invented after someone had spotted a green garden and turned all envious for not having one himself. Other than that I could not understand the concept of this expression. Now since envy is not something we would like to grow in the bloggersphere, we – that is my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers Judith, Jocelyn, and I – have decided to inspire you once a month to create your very own green urban space.…

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A New Book & My Urban Garden

18 July 2013 0


Over the past few months I have become fond of greenies in my home. Actually, I’ve started growing my own little urban garden. Now given the fact that I dwell in a tiny rooftop apartment without balcony, you can imagine that it is not very easy to grow a little jungle.…

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