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Why This Room Caught My Eye

1 July 2014 0


I almost feel like I have to apologize for picking yet another bedroom shot for today’s blog series (you remember last week’s fab bedroom), but when my friend Dabito of Old Brand New styles and photographs an interior you can most certainly assume it catches my eye big time.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

24 June 2014 0


Bedrooms have a special attraction to me. As the most private room in a home they are usually not as accessible to the curious eye of a beholder and the interior styling speaks strongly about the personality of its dweller. As a zone of relaxation and unwinding, some people keep their bedrooms minimalistic and clean, others like to decorate a bit more and some go all the way to liven-up to their eclectic style.Today’s bedroom that caught my eye belongs to the Swedish set & prop stylist Joanna Lavén and is part of her stylish home in Stockholm.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

10 June 2014 0


I often wonder what is the difference between those amazingly looking, perfectly styled and photographed rooms and the daily, mundane look of my home. In most cases it is a somewhat staged, deliberately styled rooms for shootings as opposed to the daily traces of real life when we look around us. But that doesn’t mean that our homes are less stylish or glamorous.…

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Happy Press Coverage: Sweet Living Magazine

3 June 2014 0


Today’s Tuesday post is not a usual ‘Why This Room Caught My Eye’ post for two reasons: First, I am attending the Habitat collection presentation in Paris today (see more on Instagram) and tomorrow the second issue of the new German interiors magazine ‘Sweet Living Magazine’ will hit the shops.…

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Design Chair Crush: Leya By ‘Freifrau’

29 May 2014 0


Design chairs are something like ‘hot stuff’ for interior design aficionados. You know, just name dropping like Eames chair, Wishbone chair, Egg chair, the CH07 or ‘Smiling chair’ by Wegner – just to mention a few. Design lovers get big eyes and phrases of awe and praise cascade out of their mouths.…

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