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Why This Room Caught My Eye

27 May 2014 0


Whenever I get asked to describe my interior style, I use expressions like ‘Scandinavian inspired’, ‘ethnic elements’, ‘colour pops’. I think I have never used the word ‘retro’ to describe my own style. Of course the reason is: My personal interior style is not retro at all.…

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Spring Styling, Press Coverage + Happy Easter!

18 April 2014 0


The long awaited and well deserved Easter holidays are commencing – I have packed my suitcase, bought chocolate bunnies for my nieces and nephews, and I am ready to head off to Austria for a family Easter weekend. But before I am off to Austria I though I’ll share a few shots of my recent spring styling at home – well, styling is a bit exaggerated.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

4 March 2014 0


Ok, when I saw this room on Pinterest I had an instant smile on my face. I’d say this room immediately passed the interior happiness exam, right? Of course the lovely dog might have played a major role, but I will keep the cute dog out of my further examination as I don’t want to consider him as a styling factor. Well where to start?…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

11 February 2014 0


Today I was shuffling things around in my home. I moved books, stacked them differently, added a few books to my windowsill, changed the placement of vases. After all the commotion I finally sighed and said: oh, well. Everything felt ok but not perfect.…

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Esprit Home Summer Collection 2014

30 January 2014 0


While I am still wrapping up in scarves, gloves and feathery winter jackets, I keep getting signs of spring and summer in my mailbox on a daily basis. Being a sucker for blue, my eye got caught up by the indigo hued summer collection of Esprit Home entitled ‘Palma de Mallorca’.…

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