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19 February 2014 0


Yesterday evening I had one of those random decoration attacks out of the blue. Oh, I love the expression ‘out of the blue’. First of all I love the colour blue, and secondly it has a connection to my decoration attack: Since my living room is predominately decorated in grey, blue and dashes of yellow, I felt irritated by a couple of books with red covers on my sideboard.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

28 May 2013 0


Sometimes we look with awe at fancy living rooms, swanky bedrooms, gleeful nurseries, colourful kitchens. But what about the hallway? Sometimes this link between rooms gets pretty neglected. It is this ‘pass through’ area that has to host many practical facilities and notoriously frequented by the owners, guests, kids.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Let The Sunshine In!

13 March 2012 0


Spring has sprung, my friends! Mild temperatures, blossoming nature, sunshine – it’s time to stow away your thick blankets, warm rugs and winter decoration. Let the sunshine in! Open your window, take a deep breathe and celebrate spring – with these five happy inspirations for example.…

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Yellow Fellow!

16 November 2011 0


November days can be really dull and gloomy. Grey and foggy weather, cold air, it’s still dark when I get up early in the morning, it’s night already when I leave the office. In a nutshell: These days I suffer of a considerable lack of light!…

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