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Lost in Plantation: Succulent Plant Collection Zurich

20 November 2015 6


Succulent Plant Collection, Zurich, Sukkulenten Sammlung Zürich, Switzerland, Lost in Plantation, succulents, botanical gardens

During my last visit to Zurich the weather was pretty damp and chilly. Unlike the hot and arid climate preferred by succulents. Yet it is in Zurich that one of the world’s largest succulent plant collection has settled sind 1931. Cacti, agaves, aloes are just a few of the more than 6,500 succulent species in the Succulent Plant Collection in Zurich, Switzerland.…

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From Place To Space: Zurich Design Guide

8 December 2014 3


Today I am taking you on a design tour through the Swiss city of Zurich. Two weeks ago I spent a weekend in this charming city in Switzerland thanks to the kind invitation of Zurich Tourism. During my visit I had the opportunity to visit the design fair Blickfang in Zurich and the next day I took part in a guided design tour with one of Zurich’s best design connoisseurs, René Grüninger.…

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