Welcoming Spring With Anemones

27 February 2014 0


I can’t believe myself that I am writing about welcoming spring on February 27th! But it’s not my fault – it’s the sunny and super mild weather that makes me think of spring. Trees are burgeoning, snowdrops and crocuses are popping up on every green patch and the markets are awash with colorful blooms. Plus it came in pretty handy that the famous #2flowergirls Elodie and Inga were back this month with a floral topic – anemones.

This said, I rushed to the local farmers market and bought a small bunch of anemones. I think they are so beautiful themselves that I didn’t feel any need to do additional styling around them. I’ve just put them in my concrete vase from Bolia and voilà, spring has not only sprung but also moved into my apartment.

To see all the floral inspiration of the #2flowergirls check out their wonderful Pinterest board. And why not join them too?

Happy Thursday everyone!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

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  • Reply Beauty Follower 27 February 2014 at 08:28

    Lovely colors!
    Ilike that stone like vase 🙂


  • Reply ilaria fatone 27 February 2014 at 08:49

    Your pictures bring me in the Spring mood right away! Love the light and your flowers are beautiful … the #2flowergirls is such a nice floral inspiration. Have a lovely sunny day Igor! xx

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 February 2014 at 09:39

      Thank you my dear Ilaria! I am wishing you a hopefully less grey day today!

  • Reply Lisa Hjalt 27 February 2014 at 09:19

    I just saw your pin and was hit with the magical feeling of spring! Love this post … your living room looks just lovely, and stylish!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 February 2014 at 09:40

      Thank you Lisa! It was time to bring in the spring mood and change a few bits and pieces in my living room.

  • Reply @SallyAlabaster 27 February 2014 at 12:03

    I love their delicate wispy-ness contrasted by the vase. And I’m really jealous of your tray table…

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 February 2014 at 16:34

      Thank you so much – I love it dearly indeed!

  • Reply Judith 27 February 2014 at 12:04

    Anemones are such happy flowers, gotta love ’em 😉 Those sprinkly branches you added, do they have a nice perfume? I had the same ones a few weeks ago in a bouquet and they smelled SO good. No idea what they are called, but their perfume is so delicious.

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 February 2014 at 16:32

      Good question – I have not smelled them but I assume no – however I will try it tonight:-) Now I am curious…

  • Reply Angelika Leśniak 27 February 2014 at 13:35

    Es gibt, glaube ich, nichts, was man schneller herbeisehnt als den Frühling. Da liegst Du ganz im Dauertrend 🙂 mit Deinen Frühlingsgefühlen am 27.02.
    Ganz nebenbei, sehr schön ist’s auch um die Anemonen herum!

  • Reply Tim 27 February 2014 at 17:46

    Love your beautifullly currated home Igor and of course those anemones … they are my favourite!! So jealous of the mild weather in Germany and we are going through crazy -20C for the longest time! I need spring … btw, Chris and I maybe planning another visit to Europe this Christmas … aGAIN!! Will for sure keep you posted 🙂

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 27 February 2014 at 18:37

      Great news, Tim! Not the -20C of course, but the new Euro adventure:-) Looking forward to seeing you back here!!

  • Reply Helen 27 February 2014 at 18:40

    Beautiful! I bought some of these today too. They are always my favourites at this time of year.

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 28 February 2014 at 08:33

      Thank you, Helen. I must admit I have not been a regular anemones buyer, but I think this will change from now on. They look very pretty plus they keep up their beauty for quite a long time as cut flowers!

  • Reply tina @ colourliving 27 February 2014 at 23:37

    I think the first few pictures are my ever favourites from you.. the colour combination, the composition… really beautiful. Happy weekend Mr Happy!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 28 February 2014 at 08:34

      Thank you Tina!! A colour compliment from you is really a deeply appreciated expert feedback! Have a happy & colourful Friday!

  • Reply Julia / junifaden 28 February 2014 at 07:46

    as i already told you i absolutely love the soft light on the flowers and the colours you chose, too! greetings julia

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 28 February 2014 at 08:35

      Danke Dir Julia! Ich hatte Glück beim Shooting mit dem Licht – manchmal ist das alles ein wenig schwierig in der Dachgeschosswohnung:-) Happy Friday!

  • Reply Emelie @florainspiro 28 February 2014 at 09:56

    Lovely! Flowers and anemones in particular are the best way to welcome the spring! xx

  • Reply Gerard @WalnutGrey 28 February 2014 at 12:23

    OK I ain’t a flowery kinda guy but these sure are pretty. Look good on the Tray Table!

  • Reply Tim 28 February 2014 at 17:04

    Can’t wait!! Maybe will stop over at London this time too on our way back 🙂 Another blogger reunion at London the first few days of January maybe?

  • Reply Mihaela 2 March 2014 at 23:02

    I just discovered your blog through skillshare and I absolutely love it. It’s really inspiring.

  • Reply Astrid Ka 4 March 2014 at 19:01

    Lieber Igor, ich habe mich in deinen Teppich verliebt & nun im Netzt gesucht & NICHT gefunden. Können sie mir weiterhelfen? Dafür danke ich schon im Voraus!

  • Reply María Martínez 7 March 2014 at 13:20

    Igor, the bunch of anemones are really pretty. Wild and colourful…but your photos are still more beautiful. I find lovely this angle of your livingroom. Have a nice weekend.

  • Reply maria 21 May 2014 at 11:03

    Hej Igor,

    kannst du mir verraten, wie deine Wandfarbe heißt? Die Suche nach dem perfekten Ton ist ja nicht so einfach…

    Liebe Grüße

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 22 May 2014 at 19:15

      Hi Maria! Klar, die Farbe heißt Plummet und ist von Farrow & Ball. Ist echt sehr gute Qualität!

    • Reply maria 28 May 2014 at 12:34

      Lieben Dank!!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 29 May 2014 at 12:10

      Immer gerne Maria!

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