Why This Room Caught My Eye

13 May 2014 0


Here we are, back to my Tuesday series with a title I love because it is like a statement and question in one. So why did this room catch my eye? Probably because it looks so relaxed and expels a sort of quietude that I am looking for after action loaded days. Probably because it looks like a perfect place to unwind, distract your mind and let your thoughts flow freely? Might be. All of that. But here are just three immediate eye-catchers that made me linger over this room:

  • Kilim Rug: A classic for my ethnic pattern loving eye. Show me a kilim and you got my attention. I like how it functions as a visual counterpart to the more classic room style and contemporary furniture.
  • Clean Lines: The clean lines of this room are also juxtaposed by the kilim rug and lead the eye in a visually calming way. The lines of the fireplace, the settee, the book shelves, the window, the art – everything is clean and simple.
  • Rocking Chair: I sort of feel like I could go for this rocking chair right now. With my favorite book and a cushion – you got me there! Grandpa style while I am still (sort of) young!
What catches your eye in this room? By the way, this is the home of London based designer, hotelier, D.J., artist and creative director Robert McKinley.

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Photography by Nicole Franzen via T Magazine

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  • Reply hansensgasse 13 May 2014 at 19:50

    The rug, definitely the rug! The pattern is so traditional, but the use of the colour pink – that’s what catches my eye and makes me want to look around in this room. Although… a rocking chair… that’s inviting, too!

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 13 May 2014 at 20:29

      Good point, Alexandra! I should have stated the eye-catching colour combination orange and pink, too! Good eye!

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