Why This Room Caught My Eye

16 September 2014 0


Styling a bedroom can be very fun. Some like it very calm and serene, others like it more eclectic and vibrant. I think I tend to be somewhere in between with an ongoing desire to switch from one end to the other. In my bedroom I decided to paint the pitched roof wall behind my bed in a very dark grey to create a cosy sleeping nook as my apartment tends to be very bright and light-flooded. The above shown bedroom might have the same issue. But no matter what the reason was, I think the dark blue wall behind the bed is just fabulous! But let’s break it down into three major eye-catchers:

  • Blue Feature Wall: As said, I am in love with this dark blue feature wall. I might opt for such a hue when I get tired of my grey wall in my bedroom.
  • House Plants: Decorating with house plants in the bedroom is another visual highlight here. In fact, house plants are beneficial in the bedroom as they purify the air and release more oxygen for a relaxed sleep.
  • Vintage Portrait: The vintage portrait above the bed adds some more drama and perfectly works with the dark blue hue. Combined with the vintage books this looks like a wonderful bedroom nook to relax, unwind and sleep in.
What bedroom type are you? Clean and serene or eclectic and colourful?
Photography via Apartment Therapy

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  • Reply Beauty Follower 16 September 2014 at 12:10

    I believe that dark blue wall will make once sleep to be deeper 🙂


    • Reply Igor Josifovic 16 September 2014 at 13:04

      Exactly my thought! Especially good for too bright bedrooms like mine:-)

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