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26 November 2013 0


The very moment I type this words on my MacBook, it’s snowing outside. It is the first snow of the year here in Munich downtown and I am a bit excited. The first snow coincides with today’s opening of all Christmas markets around town so I can surely say: Winter has arrived and Munich is getting festive! With the first snowflakes I am getting into a sort of hibernation mood. Layering various textiles, taking that extra blanket for your bed, adding a few more cushions to the sofa, adding muted colours to the scheme – the more frosty it gets outside, the cozier it gets inside!

When I spotted this bedroom on Pinterest, I felt like it perfectly conveys that winter cosiness I have mind. It caught my eye instantly and I could happily jump into the bed, snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book and forget about time, weekday, to-dos or the cold winter day outside. 

What exactly caught my eye? Here are interior styling eye-catchers:

  • Grey Symphony: I have a soft spot for grey hues. I think grey is a fabulous, calming backdrop for a cosy feeling at home. Whether it’s just one feature wall, the entire room or a combination of wall, home textiles, home décor – the effect is cosy yet sophisticated. Just like in this bedroom.
  • Muted Colours: The use of muted colours in this room perfectly blend in with the grey backdrop. The soft shades of green, purple and brown give the room a rooted, earthy base as opposed to the elusive lightness of grey.
  • Ethnic Elements: Another soft spot of mine – everything with ethnic patterns catches my eye immediately. The kilim rug and cushion tie the whole interior styling impeccably together. 
Does this room catch you eye?

Photography via Klikk Bolig by Solveig Grovle and Ann Helen Lund/NIB

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  • Reply Johan 26 November 2013 at 10:03

    Awesome room! Thanks for sharing this inspiration! One of my home projects is to redecorate my bedroom and grey hues are on top of my wish list. I like how you describe the ‘Grey Symphony’ – we got that feeling in common! Here in Holland there’s no snow yet – but I want a cozy room for when it’s starting to get more white outside.

    Lovely nightstands too! Enjoy the white nights from now on 😉

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 26 November 2013 at 10:46

      Great idea, Johan! I painted three of my walls in my apartment in two different grey hues and I just love it. You will see some pictures of it on Friday here on the blog. It creates a very cosy yet sophisticated feeling. It’s hard to describe, it looks more design-y but simultaneously it also looks very comfy. Perfect combination I’d say:-)

  • Reply Sarah Barrett 26 November 2013 at 14:12

    lovely room , and i agree and love the grey symphony … any ideas where the Grey throw comes from ? thanks Igor x

  • Reply geraldine@littlebigbell 26 November 2013 at 16:48

    Indeed it catches the eye, not least because my bedroom is in hues of grey and this has given me some great ideas, so Thanks Igor 😉 Those muted colours of green and purple combined with the wood elements in the picture look so calming. I’m off to redecorate now 😉 Have a good week x

  • Reply Audrey Harrison 26 November 2013 at 18:40

    I’m very new to following your blog, but I have to say, I’m annoyed with your use of the word “ethnic” in this context. Kilims are from the Middle East, not some unidentifiable non-white group of people. The fact that someone can say “The kilim rug and cushion tie the whole interior styling impeccably together.” on a Western interior design blog and instantly erase the cultural context of these rugs is the very essence of white supremacy. It’s disrespectful.

    • Reply Igor Josifovic 26 November 2013 at 23:19

      Hi Audrey! Welcome to Happy Interior Blog where everything is about happiness and not about disrespect! I appreciate your concern about the use of the word ‘ethnic’ but there is nothing disrespectful in the way I (and many others) use the word ‘ethnic’ to describe certain products that stem from a special region or culture. I myself stem from southeastern Europe where kilims are traditionally produced so they are not only Middle Eastern. And I love Middle Eastern culture for that matter by the way.

  • Reply Filipek 70 26 November 2013 at 21:36

    not so long ago everything in Poland was grey :)))) and we had it enough …nowadays grey is coming back ….cause it is really nice colour if it is used in a right way I think :)greetings 🙂

  • Reply Natalie@Storage Kingston 27 November 2013 at 05:18

    You are right! even I can feel the cosiness there in the bedroom shown above. I also like the winter and wait for it desperately.

  • Reply Galina 27 November 2013 at 05:58

    I think it’s doesn’t matter “ethnic” or “Middle East”:).I just like this rug .It’s add colors to grey-white room.Also I like how you describe the room.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Elodie (madame love) 27 November 2013 at 10:45

    Oh Igor, I love this series so much! and this room too! I think it such a great idea. It allows you to share your inspiration with us and on top of that, it helps you knowing your own style and taste better and analysing each time, why you like a space. Keep them coming my friend!

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