Why This Room Caught My Eye

30 September 2014 0


Let’s face it: How many of us have drawn serious interior design inspiration from the internet? From the vast numbers of amazing interior design and decor blogs, from Pinterest and Instagram? I guess many! I am one of them! Frankly, I get massively inspired by some leading blogs like for example ‘The Design Files’. It is there that I spotted this cosy yet small lounge room in an Australian home. It proves that style does not depend on size – it is the result of your creativity and personality. But what caught my eye in particular here?

  • Plywood Ceiling: Lately I’ve seen lots of plywood inspiration on Pinterest. This simple yet sleek looking material seems to be trending. But I have hardly ever seen it as a solution for ceilings. Here, the plywood ceiling adds warmth to this room and brings everything together as a wooden framing.
  • Mix & Match Textures: One of the easiest ways to decorate and restyle a room are various textures. Mix and match textiles like cushions, throws, rugs, lambskin and more to create a cosy and lived-in atmosphere.
  • Boucherouite Rug: The ultimate addition for colour and pattern – a Moroccan Boucherouite rug. I have a similar one at home and whenever I feel the need for more colour and pattern, I add it! 
How do you like this lounge room? What catches your eye?
Photography by Eve Wilson, production by Lucy Feagins/The Design Files
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